AI Girlfriend Affiliate Case Study

AI Girlfriend Affiliate Case Study
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 This is a small affiliate case study using Juicy Ads to promote the affiliate program.

I probably don’t need to tell you that the AI girlfriend niche is huge at the minute. It’s a relatively new niche, but it continues to gather momentum and do extremely well when it comes to conversions.

 Now as you probably know, joining an affiliate program is the easy bit – the difficult bit is actually getting traffic to your offer.

If you work very hard and throw in a little bit of luck, you might be able to achieve a volume of organic traffic, from the search engines for example. Possibly by using something like parasite SEO.

This isn’t an easy task and at the minute parasite SEO is getting a lot of unwanted attention from Google.

So even if you can outrank the other parasite SEO articles, there is a fair chance your article may be suddenly de-indexed or drop in ranking.

With all your hard work (and Investment) in the dust!

Using Ad Network Traffic

So I wanted to show you a small case study, using traffic from an adult ad network, and promoting to evaluate the potential of ad network traffic for affiliate offers.

 I am an account manager at Juicy Ads, I have worked there for almost 14 years and my knowledge of the platform and how to utilise the traffic successfully, is let’s say, pretty extensive!

I will occasionally test out different offers,  for a short period, just to see how they perform.

So in this instance, I was testing out traffic to the affiliate program to evaluate sign ups/conversions. You could of course run this offer on any network

 The Actual Campaign Setup

 I was running a banner RON (run of network) campaign.

I was targeting tier 1 countries (specifically US, CA and UK).

My cpc bid was 2c.

Whenever I run a campaign I always ensure that I use tracking. It’s imperative to track if you want to see which source is sending you the converting traffic.

 That’s extremely important as it lets you optimise your campaign – by that I mean block sources which are unproductive. This allows your budget to flow into the sites which are actually working for you.

 So these are my results over my short 4-day test in February below, showing the signups.

Data explanation: The amount column shows as 0.000. This is because it was set to register initial signups.

The following two columns of digits are the juicy Ads ad zones ID’s and site ID’s. The geo is also recorded.

So, all in all, a good start! 67 signups in the space of 4 days.

Demonstrating the potential of using ad network traffic to generate signups to an offer.

Hentai AI Girlfriend Campaign

I also ran a campaign testing the Hentai ai girlfriend affiliate program

If you want to check the campaign results for that offer on Juicy Ads, they are here.

Hit me up on telegram if you are interested in running your own campaign on Juicy Ads : stephen_mcb

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