5 Ultimate Adult Affiliate Programs For 2024

5 Ultimate Adult Affiliate Programs For 2024
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Are you hungry to make money with adult affiliate programs?

In this post, I will look at the best adult affiliate programs in 2023. Hopefully, my guide will help you choose the best adult programs from the top affiliate programs in the marketplace.

So What Exactly Are Adult Affiliate Programs?

For those of you not totally familiar with adult affiliate marketing, an adult affiliate program is essentially a marketing program where you can promote adult content, such as adult dating sites, cam sites etc.

You will then earn a commission for every sale or sign-up made through your referral or affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you will typically receive a unique link or ad code to place on your website or social media etc, and when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase or signs up for a service, you will earn a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount of money.

So with that out of the way, let’s look at the best adult affiliate programs out there this year

For that, I will look at adult affiliate networks – where you will find all the best adult offers combined.

best adult affiliate program

What Are Adult Affiliate Networks?

Adult affiliate networks are essentially custom-built marketing platforms that connect adult content producers or adult service providers, with affiliates.

Adult affiliates will then promote their products or services, in exchange for a commission.

The networks basically act as intermediaries, facilitating partnerships between the advertisers, who offer various adult-related services, and the affiliates, who use their marketing skills to drive traffic and generate sales.

Affiliates can earn revenue through different models, such as pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale.

They play a crucial role in the adult industry’s marketing landscape, by providing the ability of both advertisers and their affiliates to earn Revenue.

You can also read my articles on specific adult dating affiliate programs and niches such as cam affiliates or making money as a whitelabel adult dating affiliate

(By the way, the following affiliate networks are not in any particular order. ie I am not ranking them from one to five in terms of performance. Just to make you aware of that).

Numer One Is Crak Revenue

adult affiliate programs

CrakRevenue has been around for about 13 years. It has earned a pretty solid reputation for providing publishers, advertisers, and affiliates with great monetization opportunities. The fact that it has won numerous awards in the adult industry, should also reassure you of its quality.

Crak Revenue’s main focus is the adult entertainment industry and gaming industries, where it offers a range of solutions designed for high-quality traffic.

It has a pretty huge affiliate marketing network of over 25,000 active affiliates, which is impressive.

If you join Crak Revenue as an affiliate, you are able to gain access to a really great selection of exclusive CPA and CPL offers, which have all been optimized for high conversion rates.

Thanks to its prominent position in the industry, CrakRevenue consistently can grab the most rewarding and successful offers.

They have responsive account managers, who will provide you with personalized guidance and campaign optimization advice.

I have written a full review of crack revenue here if you wish to read it. I can definitely recommend them as a top adult affiliate network, from my own experience.

Number Two on my list of Adult Affiliate Programs Is Ad Combo

Ad Combo is another CPA affiliate network, which has also gained a large number of positive reviews and established itself as a major player in the adult affiliate space

They have the privilege of having a lot of exclusive offers as well. In fact, over 80% of their offers are exclusive, which means you are unlikely to find them anywhere else.  

Ad Combo has grown into a pretty big company with over 100 employees, and offices in cities throughout the world.  

That has helped it gain a very solid reputation in a short space of time.

As an affiliate, you will find they have a very user-friendly affiliate dashboard, providing you with all the vital tools and information to be able to manage your campaigns very effectively. You will be able to access your offers, creatives, and reports, all in one place, making it simple to keep everything organized

With high payouts, combined with impressive customer service, super landing pages proven to convert, and great tracking systems; you should find all you need at Ad Combo. That is the reason why many publishers decide to work with them.

Pros and Cons of AdCombo


  1. Exclusive offers with limited competition
  2. Advanced tracking system
  3. Multiple payment options
  4. User-friendly dashboard
  5. Excellent customer support


  1. Some offers may have country restrictions
  2. The approval process for new affiliates can sometimes be strict

At Number Three Is CPAMatica

CPAMatica is another adult affiliate marketers’ network that has made a significant impact in the world of promoting adult content through affiliate marketing. CPAMatica aims to offer a seamless experience for both advertisers and publishers on its network.

Often you will find the dashboard of other affiliate networks, to be quite confusing. However one of CPAMatica’s strong points is its user-friendly interface.

The dashboard is clean, intuitive, and simple to navigate, even for newbies. CPAMatica has done a really good job of organizing important information, such as offer statistics, account balance, and recent transactions in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

In terms of offers, CPAMatica brings a really good selection of offers from a more wide range of verticals , which include many mainstream offers, as dating and adult offers as well….such as health and beauty, etc. So you can also avail of these as well as adult offers.

They update their offers and affiliate tools pretty regularly, which means you will always have access to fresh and high-converting offers. That is a big bonus for affiliates

CPAMatica’s in-house tracking system and real-time analytics make it easy for users to monitor campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.


  1. User-friendly Interface:
  2. Extensive Offer Catalog
  3. Responsive Support Team
  4. Flexible Payment System


  1. Limited Geographical Focus

Up Next At Number 4 Is Mobidea

Mobidea is a widely known and very respected affiliate network in the adult world. Where Mobidea differs slightly from the networks above, is in its focus on mobile adult traffic and niche mobile offers in particular. So that’s what makes it stand apart a little from the others.

Mobidea is able to provide a very impressive selection of offers, and naturally, they have a strong focus on mobile content, apps, and services.

So if you have a lot of mobile traffic, then this could very well be the perfect affiliate network, as you are going to find offers that should work very well for you.

Mobidea co-operates with some of the best companies in the advertising world. This means that you, as an affiliate, are able to get access to a very wide range of high-converting and exclusive offers for mobile.

They also offer some of the highest commission rates in the industry, which could be a deciding factor for you…if you want to really maximize your affiliate Revenue

Plus Mobidea offer weekly payments, ensuring that affiliates receive their earnings promptly. That is always a big positive.


  1. A very user-friendly interface
  2. Extensive selection of high-converting mobile offers
  3. Competitive payout rates and multiple payment options
  4. Top-notch support and a wealth of educational resources


  1. focus on mobile offers may be limiting
  2. Occasional delays in tracking and reporting

Last but not least – Adult Force

Adult Force have been around for about eight years now. In that time they have established themselves as a reputable adult ad network.

Traffic Force is essentially a CPM ad network offering display banners, popunder ads, pre-roll video ads and push notifications, from large video tubes.

They offer competitive commission rates and a variety of payment models, such as pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and revenue sharing.

This range of options, enables most affiliates to have the ability to take advantage of a suitable payout model, based on their own preferences.

Prompt Payments

AdultForce have a reputation of providing prompt payments which should avoid any delays, as every affiliate wants their payment on time. Their payouts are one of the highest in the affiliate industry. You also enjoy fast payouts as they are officially NET15.

One of their greatest strengths is their very wide range of high-converting offers and exclusive deals. Their platform caters to a pretty diverse audience, offering a really good selection of niches and categories for you to choose from.

They bring you some of the hottest converting offers, which are built in-house. Their AutoPilot algorithm meanwhile, is hard at work, optimising every incoming click in order to generate maximum revenue.

So whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer or you are just starting out in the adult affiliate world, you should find AdultForce.com offers considerable potential for the growth and success of your marketing endeavors.

So What Are The Best Adult Affiliate Programs?

When choosing the best affiliate program, essentially you want to choose the best adult affiliate offers program for your own specific needs.

While most adult affiliate networks offer a lot of affiliate offers, some networks may offer something which is more suitable for your particular traffic.

Let’s say for example you have a lot of mobile traffic to your website, then you might want to look at an affiliate network like Mobidea, as their focus on mobile offers is going to provide you with offers that are more likely to work for your traffic.

So it’s difficult to pick one specific adult affiliate program, or network and declare them as ‘the very best adult affiliate program offers networks ever’. It all very much depends on your own particular situation.

However it’s important to say that you should do your due diligence on any network, read reviews, and see what others say and determine what the overall feedback is.

So hopefully the networks I have talked about above, will give you access to a huge range of adult affiliate programs.

There should be something there for everyone, so good luck in your adult affiliate marketing!

Questions You Might Have About Adult Affiliate Marketing

Can I become an adult affiliate marketer with no experience?

Yes, you can become an adult affiliate marketer without experience; however, you must be prepared to learn and adapt. Adult affiliate marketing is accessible to everyone, but it’s not a space that everyone wants to work in, due to it being adult.

Start by researching the adult industry and fundamentals of adult affiliate marketing and understanding various revenue models, niches, and affiliate programs.

You might want to choose a niche you are comfortable with, to start

You can learn from other experienced adult marketers through online resources, forums etc.

Are Adult Affiliate Programs still profitable?

Adult affiliate marketing still remains lucrative. There are many very experienced adult affiliate marketers who are making a considerable income still.

It’s perhaps not as lucrative as it was 15 years ago, but there is still money to be made. Just make sure you are finding the best adult affiliate programs and ones that fit with your skillset.

Adult Affiliate Marketing VS Affiliate Networks – What’s the difference?

Adult affiliate marketing and adult affiliate programs are both associated with promoting products or services on adult websites in exchange for commissions.

The primary difference between the two is that an adult affiliate program is typically run directly by a company, which makes it easier for affiliates to promote their products without worrying about technical aspects like payment processing or customer support.

In contrast, adult affiliate marketing involves partnering with other companies as a third-party marketer who promotes their products through various channels including social media, email campaigns, website ads etc.

As such; it requires more knowledge & skills to manage the process of finding offers, crafting ad copy that persuades people into visiting advertiser’s site than just accessing pre-existing offers from vendor’s sites

Can I become an affiliate marketer if I don’t have my own website?

Yes, you can become an affiliate marketer even if you don’t have your own website. Some companies offer referral programs where affiliates earn commissions by promoting their products or services using social media platforms or other channels like email campaigns.

You can also explore creating simple landing pages to send traffic to the advertiser’s site but without a website. Building trust and portraying professionalism might be challenging, so proceed with caution & use the right partnership choices

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