Adult Ad Networks: A Powerful Tool for Cheap Traffic

Adult Ad Networks: A Powerful Tool for Cheap Traffic
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If you want to drive traffic to your adult, or indeed gambling offer, then you really should consider using an adult ad network.

Networks like these offer incredibly cheap traffic, compared to Google AdWords or Facebook.

Google and Facebook’s extremely strict advertising rules, mean its very difficult to run any kind of adult or gambling offer (without using cloaking – which is cumbersome and quite costly).

Organic traffic competition is also particularly fierce, so one of the most popular and effective methods for attracting high volume traffic is using adult ad networks.

Just as a bit of background, I have 18 years working in this area, so there’s not too much I don’t know about it. If you are interested in acquiring adult network traffic, reach me on telegram: stephen_mcb

Anyway, below I will delve into the best ways to use adult ad networks to drive traffic to your adult or gambling offer and also give you some additional tips to help you succeed.

Adult Ad Networks Provide Cheap Traffic

    Adult ad networks are essentially platforms that connect advertisers with publishers who own adult websites.

    They can offer a wide range of advertising options, including banner ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, interstitials, etc; allowing you to choose the format that suits your specific content and target audience.

    They allow you to tap into a massive audience.

    In comparison to mainstream advertising, like, for example, Google AdWords, or Facebook, the traffic from adult networks can be incredibly cheap.

    For example, you can spend sometimes as little as 0.003c a click, driving targeted traffic to your offer or website – which is pretty damned cheap when you compare that to using Google AdWords!

    Many adult networks have thousands of sites in their network. Some like Juicy Ads have over 100,000 sites in their network.

    Hit me up if you would like to get started with Juicy Ads.

    Telegram: stephen_mcb

    Skype: Stephen.mcbride48

    Traffic Junky, on the other hand, has only a handful of sites – however, they include some of the most powerful porn sites on the internet, I’m talking Pornhub and Youporn, for example.

    So obviously there is huge traffic from those sites.

    How Can You Get The Best Out Of Adult Network Traffic

    So in order to get the best out of adult ad networks, here are a few tips I have compiled to enable you to hopefully get some success from network traffic.

    Some offer popunders only, some offer a mixture of Pop under, banners, pre-rolls and interstitials. So they all vary to some degree.

    Juicy Ads is one of the few networks that allows you to buy flat-rate (direct buy) banner ads on their publisher sites. This is slightly different from the standard run of network campaigns; in that you can buy an ad on a specific website for, eg 30-days.

    So in other words you own that ad spot 24/7 for the 30-day period.

    Pretty nice if you get the right spot that works for you!

    Research each network’s reputation, user reviews, and the type of sites they offer. Pick ones that align better with your niche and have a proven track record of delivering quality traffic.

    targeted adult traffic

    Campaign Optimisation Is The Key To Success

    It’s quite surprising, the large number of advertisers who test out a campaign on an adult network and give up after less than a week.

    They don’t realise that optimisation is the key… and in order to optimise successfully, you have to test and track the traffic, for at least a week, usually more.

    Of course, you’re going to get traffic from many sources that doesn’t convert. However, it’s imperative to make sure you are tracking the traffic.

    Because without tracking in place, you have simply no way of knowing which of those sources are converting for you and which aren’t.

    And without knowing which are the good sources and which aren’t, you are then unable to optimise your campaigns.

    By optimisation, I mean going in and blocking unsuccessful sources. Doing this allows you to whittle your campaign down, to eventually only the sites which are sending you conversions.

    By implementing this strategy, you will stop wasting ad spend – by focusing on only the successful sources.

    It’s amazing how many people fail to track and therefore deem their ad campaigns a failure. 

    So make sure you use tracking tags within your campaigns when you are running ads in an adult ad network.

    Employ Targeting In Your Adult Network Campaigns

    Make sure you are utilising the targeting features provided by the adult ad network – such as location, device, niches, and demographics, to reach your desired audience more effectively.

    Again this is really important, as your main goal with any ad campaign is to not waste too much money.

    Optimisation and targeting allow you to drill down to the sources and audience that convert for you. By doing this you can cut out a lot of wastage.

    Set a Budget And Monitor ROI

    Allocate a reasonable daily budget for your ad campaigns, and keep a close eye on your return on investment (ROI).

    Adjust your budget and strategies as needed, to ensure you get the best value for your advertising spend. Make sure you do set a daily budget – it’s surprising how many people forget to do this and blow almost their whole advertising budget in 1 or 2 days.

    Additionally, if you forget to set a daily budget and to implement tracking on your campaign, you are literally just throwing your money away!

    Use Quality Creatives In Your Advertising

    If you’re going to spend $1,000 in an adult network, trying to attract traffic to your site, then don’t be lazy with your creatives (ad banners). Once again, it’s surprising how many people, neglect this aspect of their ad campaign.

    They throw together a few lame banners, with very little ‘click appeal’ and add them to the campaign. Then they are surprised when they get very few clicks.

    This is most important when you’re using a network such as Traffic Junky, for example. As you will be paying on a CPM basis. That means you are paying basically for each time your banner is displayed, so therefore you want the most attractive banners you can get.

    When your campaign is a CPC campaign, it’s perhaps not just as vital. But if your campaign is a CPM campaign, then the CTR (click-through rate) becomes very important

    So don’t scrimp on this part of your advertising. There are a few design companies that specialise in adult banner design and you should consider using them; as you can always use those banners on any network in the future.

    Be Patient When Seeking Results

    I see so many people who want immediate results when using an adult ad network. Some expect results within 24-hours and then become disappointed if they don’t see any conversions… And ultimately give up.

    Advertising is all about testing, trial and error. It does often require you to lose money before you start to see results. Very few people hit a good ROI immediately. It requires patience and analytical thinking. That is why you need to allow at least two weeks, to enable you to test, tune your campaigns and optimise etc.

    By doing this you should start to see results. If you’re spending considerable money, on some platforms you will be allocated an account manager. They can often guide you and give you some tips for success.

    So I hope this article is of some assistance to you. Attracting targeted adult traffic to your website is crucial for its success. By leveraging adult ad networks, you can increase your site’s visibility and drive high-quality, targeted traffic to your adult website. So good luck!

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