Cloudways – Is It The Fastest WordPress Hosting Ever?

Cloudways – Is It The Fastest WordPress Hosting Ever?
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Okay, I know that sounds like a rather dramatic post title. But this time, I am actually posing a very serious question.

It’s very rare that I am blown away by any product, especially when it comes to web hosting.

But today, I want to talk about Cloudways hosting for your WordPress site (or in fact any kind of site)

I’ve been hosting sites for the past 20 years and I’ve used almost every hosting provider you can name in that time.

Many of the sites I host are WordPress sites, and if you’re like me, you’re probably always trying to get your site to load as fast as possible.

You usually find no matter how many tweaks you make, you generally fail quite miserably when it comes to optimum speed.

And particularly when it comes to analyzing your site on Google speed insights..,. Which is incredibly difficult to please!

Introducing Cloudways

Several months ago, a friend of mine recommended Cloudways hosting for speed.

Honestly, I couldn’t really be bothered testing another hosting company but he convinced me to.

It was free to try, so I thought I had nothing to lose.

Oh, which brings me to another fantastic feature that they offer – the Word Press migration tool!

Seriously, this was the easiest migration tool I have ever used.

You simply install their plugin, click a couple of buttons, and hey presto, your site has been cloned onto your cloudways server!

Plus, all you’re doing at the start is simply cloning your site onto the cloudways server, to see if you like it.

You can view your site in its entirety, on your Cloudways server. This lets you test it for speed etc

Your current website remains exactly as it is, on your current hosting.

Cloudways Was A Game Changer

So using the fantastic WordPress migration tool at Coudways, I soon had my site installed on Coudways.

I checked the speed on GtMetrix and I’m not kidding you,  I was blown away.

It was blazingly fast!

In fact, I thought it must be a mistake and I checked it several times. But no it was absolutely real!

I can say hand on heart, guys,   this was the fastest hosting that I have ever seen on my WordPress site…ever! These were the sort of speeds you might expect if you have a dedicated server at $250 a month!

In fact, I’ve had dedicated servers in the past that have been slower!

Needless to say, within a week, I had migrated all my WordPress sites to Coudways!

Host Unlimited Sites On Your Cloudways Server

Yes you read that right – you can host as many sites as you want on your server on Coudways!  – all for as little as $14 a month! 

My friend who recommended Coudways to me, actually has over a hundred sites hosted on his server there!  and each one loads lightning fast. It’s incredible.

I can virtually guarantee if you test Cloudways hosting, you will never look back.

If you’re like me, the thought of migrating your site to another hosting server, makes you groan.

However their amazing plug-in migrates your sites in about 30 seconds onto your server at Cloudways. Your WP site is perfectly cloned – not one error on any site!

I was able to transfer 8  WordPress sites over and have them up and running on the Cloudways hosting, inside an hour.

You Can Also Test Cloudways For Free

Yep, you can test Cloudways for free, with absolutely no credit card needed – at zero financial risk to you.

If you don’t like their hosting, well, no harm done.

But I can almost guarantee when you see how quick your WordPress site loads, like me, you’ll be blown away

Cloudways Support Rocks

Their life support is also top notch. Anytime I need assistance, I click the live help button, and their support staff are always there to help you… And I mean always…like 24/7 

Many hosting companies I’ve used in the past, I find their support to be pretty lame on the whole. But Coudways excel in that department as well.

So why not give it a test, it won’t cost you a penny to try out. And I will honestly be shocked, if you feel it’s not fast enough for you. 

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