Revving Up Your Revenue With Traffic Junky

Revving Up Your Revenue With Traffic Junky
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If you’re in the market for buying adult traffic, then it’s hard to ignore Traffic Junky – one of the most popular adult ad networks. Let’s have a look at Traffic Junky, its advantages and disadvantages.

In my review, I will examine the features, pros, and cons of Traffic Junky, as well as offer suggestions for getting started with the platform. I’ve been using the platform for years myself, so have a fairly good insight into its pros and cons

So what exactly is Traffic Junky?

Essentially Traffic Junky is an online advertising platform that enables marketers to reach their target audience through the placement of advertisements on their network of high-traffic websites.

Traffic Junky enjoys an enviable position as the ad network for several of the biggest porn sites on the internet, namely Pornhub, Youporn and Redtube. Naturally, with these popular porn sites under its belt, this gives it access to billions of impressions every month.

So it’s little wonder that Traffic Junky has become one of the most popular options for media buyers seeking to increase their internet visibility and drive traffic to their sites.

What are Traffic Junky’s best verticals

The verticals that traffic junky is most renowned for, are adult, gambling, cannabis and dating. Very few mainstream ad networks of course, would let you advertise these types of products. However with traffic junkie you can reach millions of potential customers, with the ability to promote these verticals

Traffic Junky itself is a ‘self-service’ advertising platform. The platform enables marketers advertisers to create and manage their own campaigns, target specific groups, and select from several ad types, including banner advertisements, native ads, and pop-up ads.


Advanced targeting choices are one of Traffic Junky’s most advantageous features. Advertisers can target an audience based on a variety of factors, including location, device, browser, and even time of day.

The platform has a whole array of targeting options – everything that most advertisers would require at their disposal.

This granular targeting is invaluable in assisting advertisers in ‘laser targeting’ their chosen audience and in doing so, greatly increasing their chances of achieving a very good ROI.

Advertising Formats

Display ads, native ads, and pop-ups, are just a few of the ad formats that you’ll find Traffic Junky. If you are an experienced advertiser or media buyer, you’ll have plenty of choice there and you’ll probably already know which format works best for you.

Its naturally up to the advertiser to decide which is most appropriate for their goals.

Keyword Targeting

The one thing I particularly like about Traffic Junky, is the ability to keyword target. This is really helpful when drilling down into your target audience.

Instead of just targeting simply BDSM for example, you can go into all the micro niches and use keywords like ‘mistress’ ‘Plastic fetish’ etc etc. This allows you to avoid wasting a lot of money by two broad of targeting.

Traffic Junky Reporting And Statistics

If you’re buying adult traffic and looking to monitor the success of your efforts and make educated decisions, you will probably be pretty content with the reports and analytics offered by Traffic Junky.

Real-time analytics, conversion monitoring, and A/B testing are just a few of the report types that you will be able to generate using the platform.

What’s the quality of traffic like at Traffic Junky?

This is one of Traffic Junky’s biggest selling points -the sheer number of people who visit their sites every day. As I’ve already mentioned they have some of the biggest porn sites on the internet, so the quality is top notch.

With traffic Junky you are definitely getting quality over quantity. They don’t have a huge number of sites in the network, however that is made-up of course by the quality of the sites they do have. As an advertiser you can reach a very big audience and increase your conversion rates thanks to this.

Can You Advertise A Non-Adult Product On Traffic Junky?

In keeping with their advertising policies, you can advertise a non-adult product on Traffic Junky, and so the answer is yes.

Despite the platform’s focus on adult content, non-adult advertisers are capable of targeting its huge user base. This gives advertisers a means of investigating alternative target markets and demographics that they might not otherwise be able to find through standard advertising channels.

Advertising a non-adult product on Traffic Junky does present some challenges, though. You must carefully consider whether your products are suitable for this audience, given the platform’s focus on adult material. You will after all, be advertising on the top porn sites

Your product and its creative content should adhere to the values and demographics of the platform. Failing to do so, might result in unsuccessful advertising and low returns on investment.

Furthermore, brand image is a key factor. You should evaluate the possible advantages of advertising on Traffic Junky, with the risk of seeing your brand associated with adult material. This association might not be a problem for certain firms, however, it could potentially be detrimental for others.

So yes, it is possible to advertise a non-adult product on Traffic Junky. Your product’s suitability with the platform’s audience and any possible impact on the brand image must be taken into consideration though. The big advantage though is that advertising on Traffic Junky can give you access to a niche audience that might otherwise be tough to reach.

What Are The Cons Of Traffic Junky

Strong competition

High competition on the platform is one of the disadvantages of Traffic Junky. But then I suppose the same could be said of any network.

Bidding can be quite high and with millions of marketers competing for a limited number of ad places, it can sometimes be tricky to get your advertisements in front of your intended audience.

Additionally, if you are running a campaign, you can only choose CPM. You cannot choose CPC. So for example, if you have a banner that isn’t very attractive and therefore doesn’t get many clicks, you’re going to spend a lot more, than if you were running a CPC campaign.

So the effect that has is that you will inevitably end up paying more per click.

Less Ad Positions

Another small drawback of Traffic Junky is the restricted amount of available ad places. Even though the platform contains a network of websites, isn’t a huge choice and not all of them may be pertinent to your campaign. This restriction may restrict your ability to reach your intended audience.

Having said that it is still a top adult network and if you’re serious about adult advertising, then you really need to test Traffic Junky

How to Begin Using Traffic Junky

Starting with Traffic Junky is quite simple.

Step-by-step instructions for creating and launching your first campaign on the platform:

Account Opening

Create an account on the Traffic Junky website as the first step. Click the “Create an Account” button, enter your information, and submit your application. Traffic Junky will evaluate your application and contact you once your account has been approved.

Campaign Development

After your account has been approved, you can log in to the site to build a new campaign. Pick the sort of campaign you wish to run (display, native, or pop-up), specify a budget for the campaign, and select targeting settings.

fully assess the platform’s advantages and disadvantages to determine if it meets your business’s requirements.

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