Crak Revenue: The Lucrative World of Adult Affiliate Marketing

Crak Revenue: The Lucrative World of Adult Affiliate Marketing
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You may be familiar with Crak Revenue if you work in adult affiliate marketing. One of the most well-known affiliate networks online, it is recognized for its broad selection of offers, strong payments, and first-rate customer service.

What Is Crak Revenue.

Crak Revenue is essentially a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network. It was established in 2010 and provides a wide variety of offers in a variety of verticals, including adult, mainstream, adult dating, and gaming.

With more than ten years in the business, Crak Revenue has established an excellent reputation for itself as a trustworthy and dependable affiliate network. It has also been awarded a number of adult industry awards throughout the years…. So it’s clearly been doing something right!

Payments And Offers

Dating, gaming, adult, and some mainstream, are just a few of the many segments that Crak Revenue provides an array of offers in. In fact they have a vast choice, particularly for anyone in the adult affiliate the space.

Several of their offers have worked very well for me over the years, producing some good results. The big advantage of course is having all the offers under one roof – so if you are promoting several different offers, you have the added advantage of access to all the statistics in one place.

Depending on the offer itself and the GEO, the payments are usually substantial and might range from a few dollars to several hundred bucks per conversion.

To promote any of the offers you will generally have to apply or seek approval first. That is usually a straightforward process and generally speaking, you will usually be accepted to the program without too much difficulty.

If you have any problem with this you can always speak to any of the account managers.

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Reporting and Monitoring

To ensure reliable tracking and reporting of conversions, Crak Revenue adopts one of the most updated tracking technologies. They provide real-time statistics and analytics that can be used to optimize campaigns and increase your revenue.

Payment Alternatives

Payment alternatives from Crak Revenue include wire transfer, Paxum, Payoneer, and PayPal. Two payments each month are made, with a $100 minimum payout requirement.


Crak Revenue have top-notch support staff that are available mostly around the clock. They can be reached by phone, Skype, or email, and they can generally support you with any issues or questions that you may have.

Main Advantages of Using Crak Revenue

A wide variety of offers in different niches
Enticing rewards
Accurate reporting and tracking
Many methods of payment
Great assistance

Getting Started with Crak Revenue

To get started with Crak, visit Crak Revenue’s website and complete their registration form in order to join. The procedure is pretty simple and takes a few minutes. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your login information after completing the application and you’ll be ready to go .

Ultimately, Crak Income is a trustworthy affiliate network that provides a wide selection of offers, competitive payments, precise tracking and reporting, many payment choices, and leading support.

Although there might be a few restrictions on offer availability and eligibility, Crak Revenue is generally considered a great option for adult affiliates who want to boost their earnings.

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