Finding The Best Affiliate Programs For Adult Dating

Finding The Best Affiliate Programs For Adult Dating
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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate income in today’s digital world. But what about adult dating affiliates. Mainstream affiliate marketing is of course huge, including affiliate dating programs.

However if you are running an adult site, you’re probably going to be asking where you can find affiliate programs that will allow you to generate revenue from the adult dating industry.

Sometimes it’s not quite as easy to discover adult affiliate programs as it is mainstream. That being said, there are still plenty of affiliate programs that have adult dating at their core.

So we will look at the best options out there if you’re looking for adult dating affiliate programs.

Adult Affiliate Business Is A Lucrative Niche

The adult dating industry is one of the most lucrative markets for affiliate marketers. It is estimated that the industry is worth over $3 billion globally.

However, finding affiliate programs that promote adult dating can be challenging due to the sensitive nature of the adult niche.

You may decide to go down a completely different route, and partner with a white label adult dating company. That of course is another lucrative option for you

That being said, there are plenty of affiliates who are doing very nicely from adult affiliate programs.

There is money to be made guys if you know what you are doing!

So What Is An Adult Dating Affiliate

Adult dating affiliates are individuals (or companies) who promote adult dating offers on behalf of a larger company. Essentially the affiliates are promoting another persons product for them.

They will then earn a commission for every user who signs up through their unique affiliate link. That is basically how it works…. In a nutshell.

The Benefits of Adult Dating Affiliate Programs

Working with adult dating affiliation has a number of benefits. Firstly, it’s a more niche space, which means that competition isn’t quite as fierce as it is in mainstream affiliate marketing. Your audience is likely to be highly targeted, which is often more likely to convert into paying customers.

There is also considerable money to be made in adult dating programs.

As the affiliate you are likely to be given various options when you join a adult dating program…

You can either decide to be paid per sign up, or you might decide to be paid on a rev share basis. Rev-share essentially means that if someone signs up to a dating site under your affiliate link,  you will get a share of the revenue on all their monthly renewals. Which is quite tasty!

Many adult dating programs will also pay on what is called, a ‘double opt in’ (DOI) basis. That means if someone signs up on their dating site, even if they don’t spend any money, you will still earn a few dollars for that sign up. That can be quite a lucrative option as well.

It’s easier of course to get those kind of simple signups – the downside is you won’t earn quite as much as you potentially could with the rev share option.

Getting traffic to your affiliate link

If you have your own adult site which gets significant organic traffic, then you will be in a great position to generate revenue.

Organic traffic is the holy grail of web traffic, as it’s usually free traffic. And obviously the more traffic you attract, the more likely it is that someone is going to convert on one of your dating offers.

If you’re buying adult traffic to your affiliate link, it can actually be surprisingly cheap. You can acquire clicks to your affiliate link for as little as two cents. There are quite a few adult ad networks to choose from.

Where to Find Adult Dating Affiliate Programs?

There are several ways to find affiliate programs that promote adult dating. Some of the best ways include using dedicated affiliate networks. These networks have a whole range of programs on their platform for you to choose from.

In fact if you’re starting out in adult affiliate marketing, this is usually the best way

Affiliate Networks for Adult Dating

Some of the popular affiliate networks for adult dating include:

Adult Dating Forums

Adult forums, like, are another great way to find affiliate programs that promote adult dating. These forums have a large mix of individuals interested in adult business. You will often find dating companies who are looking for direct affiliates in forums like this.

Also you will be able to pick up very helpful tips from other more experienced affiliates in the adult industry.

So in summary, there is certainly decent money to be made in becoming an adult dating affiliate.

Hope you found my article helpful.

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