Shortcut To Wealth With White Label Adult Dating

Shortcut To Wealth With White Label Adult Dating
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You would need to have been under a rock, not to have witnessed the huge explosion in adult dating sites in recent years.

That’s because it has grown exponentially in popularity, with millions of people looking for their ideal ‘bedmate’ on such sites. There is a huge market for adult dating and specifically within niches in the adult world.

So you may have wondered how you can get a little slice of this action too!

In fact the good news is, it can be relatively easy to get something going in terms of an adult dating site. That’s because there are white label dating options available which will allow you to tap into this market very quickly and pretty easily.

A dating site can potentially take a long time and significant money to build from scratch. White label dating can help in this situation.

So What Is Adult White Label Dating

Online dating services known as “white label” enable anyone to quite quickly create an adult dating site, by utilising pre-existing platforms. The idea of course is to rebrand an existing dating software platform with your ‘brand’, logo, etc .

This means that if you want to start your own adult dating site, you do not need to design a dating site from scratch, in order to create a fully functional one.

How To Get Into The Business 

There are essentially three key players in white label dating – the partner, the white label dating provider and of course the members themselves.

Your role would be as the partner. By registering with platforms such as or whitelabel, you can create your own site pretty quickly using their premade templates.

Essentially all you need is your own domain name. You might want to consider an adult domain for this.

You can upload your own logo and completely make the site personal to you.

Once you have created your site, you are pretty much good to go! The big advantage with using one of the white label dating sites, is that you have instant access to thousands of members profiles.

Those profiles can then be accessed by any visitors to your site. So you have a ready-made adult dating site, probably inside 24 hours!

The responsibility for user profiles, search functionality, chat, and payment processing are all taken care of by the white label dating company.

So essentially all you are left to do is promote your site. The rest is taken care of.

Revenue Generation Potential

The beauty of creating your adult dating site with white label dating, is that you can generate revenue almost from the word go. Not only will you be paid for the initial sign up, but you will continue to generate revenue from monthly renewals.

As the months pass, this can equate to substantial passive income! I’ve personally seen new adult dating site’s start with $80 a month income and a year later, they are generating in the region of $1,500+ a month income. Scale that up by adding some more adult dating sites, and you can envisage the sort of passive income that you can potentially generate!

How do I get signups?

This will be where your responsibility lies, as a partner. It will be your job to get members to sign up on your site and for that you’re likely going to need to generate traffic.

You might have means of getting some free traffic to your site, and if so, that’s fantastic. However many partners buy traffic to their sites and look to generate an ROI that way.

You can easily get cheap adult traffic from some of the most popular adult ad networks such as Juicy Ads, traffic Junky (reviewed here) or Exoclick. Through the use of clever optimization you will eventually be able to get a decent ROI via this route. Although it can take time and patience.

Successful adult dating site owners know that the key is experimentation and testing, when it comes to traffic.

The Benefits Of Adult White Label Dating Summarized

Rapid setup
The ability for partners to quickly set up an adult dating site is one of the key advantages of white label dating. There is no need to have to design a site.

The site can be edited at any time to suit your niche.

Its likely going to be be expensive to build a dating service from scratch. White label dating removes this expense by offering their ready-made platform.

Access To A User Base

This is probably the most important advantage of starting your dating site with the white label company. The instant access to thousands of existing members – which would be otherwise extremely difficult to attract.

White label dating services typically provide 24/7 assistance to partners. You’ll find that you will be allocated an account manager who will be there to guide and help you. It is in their interests of course for your site to be successful.

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