So You Want To Be A Cam Model?

So You Want To Be A Cam Model?
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Fancy yourself as a cam model? Have you been thinking about getting into the cam industry and grabbing a share of the considerable revenue that the industry generates?

The good news is that it’s possible for virtually anyone to get into to the webcam industry, but like everything in life, not everyone has what it takes. First of all, you’re going to need a fair bit of confidence in yourself, specifically in your appearance.

You are going to be someone who is not camera shy and can cope with the thought of 50 gawping people, analysing you at any one time!

Cam modelling has become a popular option to generate money from home or a studio. So in this post I will walk you through the steps you will want to follow if you are thinking about becoming a cam model.

How Does Cam Modelling Actually Work?

Live performance in front of a webcam, for paying consumers, is basically known as cam modelling. The content of cam models’ performances can range from solo stripteases, to explicit sexual actions, and they can perform alone or with a partner.

In exchange for offering a platform and consumer base, camming platforms often take a part of the profits.

So before you start out on this career you will want to establish what type of a cam model you’re going to be. Are you going to give a solo act or perhaps you have a partner and can perform with them. By working with the partner it adds another string to your bow… and that may lead to additional work (and more income)

So what Are Advantages of Cam Modeling?

Probably the biggest advantage is the ability to perhaps work from home and to work the hours you choose. Although having said that you will want to be on at peak times for your audience.

The good news is however that you can be performing for someone in any location, so your working hours may not be so crucial.

The other good thing to remember is that age isn’t really a huge factor in becoming a cam model. There are men (and women) out there who are interested in models of all ages (over the age of 18 of course). In fact, many men prefer mature cam models, 40+. So don’t let your age put you off!

becoming a cam model

How much can you potentially earn as a cam model

 There are many stories of cam models making $10,000 plus a month, so it’s definitely possible to generate a very healthy income from the cam industry. However, there are undoubtedly many cam models who are not making that kind of money. How much you can make is going to depend on various factors.

Should you become a model at a cam company

If you decide to work for one of the big companies, such as Chaturbate, Bongacams, or Stripcam, for example; you will have the opportunity to get in front of thousands of potential customers.

In fact, working for a big cam studio is probably the best way to start out and get established. If you can gather a big enough following and your own loyal ‘customers’, it’s quite possible you can go out on your own eventually.

There are numerous different camming platforms available, such as the ones I have mentioned above. Each we’ll have its own rules, pricing schemes, and clientele. Study the numerous platforms to select one that resonates with your goals and values.

Pick a memorable ‘stage’ name
Customers will recognise you by your stage name. So choose a name that is catchy, distinctive, and simple to say. You would be surprised how many people look up specific cam model names, to find their rooms.

What Cam Equipment Will You Need
You will definitely want a good webcam, at least the best one you can afford. As you want your image to be as high quality as possible for potential viewers.

Naturally, you will want a reliable and fast internet connection, that goes without saying. If you’re going to keep losing connection, that is definitely not good for business! You will also need a private, quiet area to perform. The last thing you want is being disturbed by distractions.

Establish a profile
Your chat room will become your storefront. So you need to make sure you create an interesting and attractive profile – one that highlights your personality and interests. Add pictures, videos, and a bio that emphasises your special qualities.

Here are some great tips when you’re starting out as a cam model

Are you going to be a niche performer?

This is definitely something to think about. There are hundreds of cam models just doing the same thing. So competition is high. By appealing to a certain niche or fetish, you will likely find you attract more customers.

By offering something like foot fetish, or femdom, for example, you will attract an audience who are otherwise bored by the glut of vanilla cam models out there.

Establish Your Limits
When you start performing, it’s crucial to set clear limits around what you are willing and not willing to do on camera. This covers what you’ll wear, what behaviours you’ll engage in, and what subjects are off-limits. Make that clear to any customers from the start and it will avoid any awkward transactions.

Promote Yourself
Marketing yourself is crucial to growing a customer base. Promote your profile on social media, interact with your followers, and build a brand around your identity.

Establish good connections with your customers
To create a devoted consumer base, people who will keep coming back time and again to you, you must establish a great rapport with your customers. To keep them coming back, chat with your consumers, provide individualised experiences, and remember their preferences.

Continually Improve
To stay ahead in the very competitive field of cam modelling, it’s critical to constantly enhance and improve upon your performance. Take your customers feedback into consideration.

Attend cam model conferences and workshops, and spend some money on your professional and personal growth.

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