Secrets To Generating Traffic To Your Adult Site

Secrets To Generating Traffic To Your Adult Site
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If you run an adult website, especially a new site, you’re probably looking for ways to get more people to your site. Increasing adult web traffic can be pretty challenging in the highly competitive online adult world.

The biggest challenge faced by people who have newly created adult sites, is the often daunting task of generating traffic to their new site. This is probably one of the biggest hurdles that any new publisher encounters.

There are, however, a number of practical ways to increase website traffic. I’ll look at both free and paid strategies to drive traffic to your adult website in this article.

Strategies To Increase Adult Web Traffic

You’ve probably realised by now that the adult website market is extremely competitive. It can be difficult to stand out from the pack and attract customers. However, it’s always possible to improve website traffic and revenue by using some neat tricks and tactics.

Understanding Your Market
Knowing your target demographic is crucial before you can begin drawing people to your website. It’s essential to identify your target demographic, because the adult entertainment industry caters to a diverse range of niches and tastes.

So the first thing you want to do, is to know your customer.

For example, if you’re running a BDSM website, you’ll be looking for people who are attracted to that specific niche. If you try to generate general adult traffic to your site, you’ll find in many cases they don’t interact or engage when they land on your fetish website.

That’s because BDSM isn’t everyone’s taste, and so attracting visitors who are not into that fetish, can often be a waste of time (and advertising spend). So always think what type of visitor you want, based on the content you’re offering

Understanding your audience will enable you to create content that is tailored to their particular passions and fetishes. 

Engaging Content For Generating traffic To Your Adult Site

The creation of quality content is one of the best and most trusted methods to get visitors to your site. You have so much competition in the adult world that you should try to aim to make your particular site stand out.

If for example, you are offering erotic stories or porn videos, then try to make your content a little different from the next guy.

That’s where niches come into play. In the adult industry, there are often micro-niches, like pegging, cuckolding, nappy wearing etc etc. If your site focuses on a micro niche like this, it’s often easier to generate more traffic, as opposed to run-of-the-mill tube sites, with no specific targeted audience

If it’s a blog you run, then your blog posts need to be interesting, perhaps educational, and ultimately engaging.

By making these things your focus, you can often increase traffic to your website and develop a devoted following by giving your visitors what they want – whether that be written content or videos or other useful material. To improve the user experience, think about including photos and videos.

Optimizing Your Adult Website For SEO

On-page SEO is the practise of enhancing the pages of your website to raise their search engine rankings.

This entails improving the meta tags, titles, and descriptions on your website. This can often go a long way to generating some extra traffic and it’s surprising how many people overlook this aspect.

how to get traffic to my adult site

You can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) and draw in more organic visitors by optimising the on-page components of your website.

Off-Page Improvement
Off-page SEO is the process of enhancing the ‘exterior’ aspect of your website in order to raise its search engine results. This covers things like backlinks, influencer marketing, social media promotion, and link development. Some of these options however aren’t really suitable for adult websites, so that’s where you sometimes are limited.

Increase Backlinks To Your Adult Site

You can boost the visibility and traffic to your website by creating high-quality backlinks to it. Now once again you are limited to the kind of sites that are going to give you back links. Running an adult site means that your options are slightly narrower when it comes to backlinks.

There are many quality sites that will be reluctant to link to you. By visiting forums like , you will find plenty of members offering adult backlinks and guest posts there.

Buying Traffic For Your Adult Website

If you find you are really struggling to generate organic traffic to your site, you should definitely consider buying traffic.

One advantage of adult traffic is that it can be surprisingly cheap. If you’re buying traffic from some of the major traffic networks, like Traffic Junky, or Juicy Ads etc, you’ll find you’re able to get quality clicks for as little as 2c at times.

What you pay, will often depend on the geo you’re trying to target. So tier 1 traffic (English speaking) will generally be a little bit more expensive than other geo’s. Within a matter of hours you could be generating hundreds of visitors to your site by using one of the adult ad networks.

The whole idea of course, is to generate a decent ROI. By that I mean you are hoping to make more money (from whatever you’re offering on your site) than what the traffic costs you. So the difference is your profit naturally.

Buying traffic to your site can often be very profitable. Many of the major cam sites and dating sites buy traffic on a regular basis; so there’s no reason that you can’t take advantage of that opportunity either, by purchasing adult traffic for your site!

Can You Advertise Adult Websites With Google Adwords

Certain adult-oriented ad categories are permitted by Google, but they must adhere to all other Google AdWords standards and rules. Adult-oriented content must be aimed at visitors who are at least 18 years old. It’s a bit of a mine field to be honest.

Here are a few examples of adult advertisements that Google allows:

Advertising for contraceptives are permitted as long as they are correctly targeted, such as condoms or birth control tablets.

Adult dating services: usually permissible, as long as they don’t advertise sexually explicit content, adverts for adult dating services like or eHarmony are acceptable. Also some other adult-orientated dating sites which are not too explicit, may get through.

Sex education: As long as they are appropriately targeted and do not contain material that is sexually explicit, advertisements for sex education resources or courses are acceptable.

Sex products: As long as they are carefully targeted and adhere to other advertising guidelines, advertisements for certain adult products, such as sex toys or lingerie, are permissible.

It’s important to keep in mind that Google expressly restricts the marketing of pornographic or other sexually explicit content. Before submitting any ads, make sure you carefully review Google’s standards to ensure they adhere to their rules, before wasting your time.

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